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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the portrait session?

For a limited time, we are offering our Couples Portrait Package for $399 and our Solo Package for $299. Regular price is $499 and $399 respectively. Your portrait package includes:

  • Dress Rental

  • Ladies' Accessories

  • 1 Hr Session

  • Online Proof Gallery of All Images 

  • Online Store to purchase prints, wall canvas, and more

  • 6 High Resolution Retouched Digital Images

  • Additional edited images available for $25 each

  • Makeup services available in studio for additional fee (details given after booking)

  • Balloons and cake props available for upgrades (details given after booking)

Do I have to be a couple in order to experience this photoshoot?

We offer 2 different packages: 

1. Couple 

2. Solo

At this time, we do not offer services for:

  • family portraits

  • mother and son / mother and daughter / sisters 

  • groups

What is the deposit for?

Deposits are non-refundable, as they are used to secure your session time and date. We do not book any other sessions during your secured time. All sales are final once edited portraits are delivered electronically to the client. Your deposit also goes towards the total cost of your portrait session.

What should I expect of this experience?

Expect to be WOWed. The flying dress experience is beautifully grand and not like any other photoshoot you've done before. Come relaxed and ready with a smile, and we will handle the rest! There will be a stylist on site to help you get dressed and will guide you on how to pose in your flying dress. This will be an experience to remember!

Additional tips:

  • You will be mostly standing for 45 minutes (with a few moments to rest your feet). Be sure that your heels are not only cute, but comfy too.

Where will the photoshoot take place?

Our studio is located in Southwest Houston near the Galleria. You will receive an email with the the address after booking your portrait session. At this time, we only shoot in our studio, and we do not accept requests to shoot off-site.

Can I choose a location of my preference for the photoshoot?

At this time, we only offer our services at our studio, located in Southwest Houston near the Galleria. You will receive the address details once you have completed your booking.

Do I have to pay for parking?

No. Free, covered parking is available inside garage.

Can I bring my own props/balloons/cake?

We do not allow outside props. However, we do offer balloons and a cake prop that you can purchase as an upgrade after you have completed your booking.

How do the dresses fit?

Our transformer dresses run true to size and they are tailored to beautifully fit a variety of body types. The dresses are all made the same with long straps that can be customized to be worn sleeveless or with sleeves to cover the upper arms. A female member of our team will be present to help you get into and style your dress. 

Dress Sizes Available:

XS-M (sizes 2-10)

L-XL (sizes 12-16)

1X-3X (sizes 18-28)

How often are the dresses cleaned?

 Each dress is dry cleaned after each single use.

Will a makeup artist be provided before/during my session?

Makeup is not included in your photoshoot package. However, our resident makeup artist can handle your makeup needs in our studio for an additional cost. After booking your appointment, you will be sent information on how to book your makeup services with her.

Do you provide gentlemen with a wardrobe?

No. Men are encouraged to come dressed in a suit or tux. No attire or wardrobe will be provided. This is all about the dress. 😉

Are accessories provided?

Yes. We have an accessory inventory that is sanitized after each single use. You are more than welcome to wear your own jewelry and accessories. Just know that we have a collection available  for you during your session.

Am I able to purchase additional digital portraits?

Yes. You may purchase additional edited images for an additional $25 per image.

How soon will I receive my digital portrait files?

If you have a deadline for receiving your images, we recommend that you schedule your photoshoot at least 3 weeks before the deadline. 

Once your photoshoot is completed, you will receive your proof gallery within 72 hours after your photoshoot. Once you email us with your image selections for editing, it will take 2 weeks to receive your final digital images. Edited images will be received via email. You will have access to your proof gallery for 12 months should you want to purchase more digital images or prints.

How long will my portrait session last?

Each session is approximately 1 hour. That includes your time to change into your dress and accessories, and the actual photoshoot.

What should I wear to the photoshoot?

Ladies: Please come dressed comfortably in something that is easy to get out of, for example, a maxi dress. 

Gentlemen: a nice suit or tux of your color choice;  dress shoes recommended

What should I not wear to the photoshoot?

Please refrain from wearing body oil, perfumes or any other products that can stain our dresses. Clear deodorant is recommended. It is okay to put on lotion hours before your photoshoot, but please, no oil-based lotion that will leave a residue on your hands.

How should I wear my hair?

You are welcomed to wear your hair as you wish. We recommend that you opt for an "up and away" hairstyle.  Tie it in a gorgeous updo and show off your beautiful face and neckline.

What type of undergarments should I wear under the dress? 

Our dresses have a high split and a deep neckline. We ask that you wear underwear that will not be visible in your portraits (see example garments below). Please be sure to bring your strapless/ backless bra or breast tape of your preference. 

What type of shoe should I wear with the dress?

Our dresses have a lot of volume-- that's what makes them so grand in the pictures! We recommend wearing a high heel. While we want you to keep safety and comfort at the forefront of your mind, we encourage you to refrain from flats, wedges and other shoes you would not wear with a formal gown. (see example shoes below)

flying dress photoshoot flying dress houston houston flying dress flying dress photoshoot flying dress flowy dress birthday photoshoot anniversary photoshoot
flying dress photoshoot
  • Can I do a "Mommy & Me" or a photoshoot with my best friend? Can I do a photoshoot with another woman in a dress?
    At this time, we do not offer "Mommy & Me" sessions, nor sessions with multiple dresses in 1 photoshoot. We allow only 1 dress in each photo session. Therefore, two solo females will need to book 2 separate photo sessions.
  • Is makeup included? How about the men's suit?
    Our package does not include makeup. However, once you book your portrait session, we can refer you to our makeup artists who are available to do your makeup on site at our studio. No, we do not provide the gentlemen's suit. We only provide the dress rental and accessories for ladies.
  • Why don't I see the date that I want to book?
    You can book your portrait session 90 calendar days into the future. If you do not see your date available yet, please check back later once we open your desired month.
  • How long will it take to receive my pictures?
    To ensure you receive your pictures in time for your special occasion, we recommend you book your portrait session at least 3 weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to make your selections. Once we receive your selections, we will edit and return them in 2 weeks. ADDITIONAL IMAGES *If you would like more images, we will be happy to edit them for $25 each. ADDITIONAL EDITS *Your package includes 1 (one) edit per picture. If you want additional edits done to a picture, it will be an additional $10. EXPEDITED PICTURES *If you need expedited pictures, it will be an additional $100. (The deadline must be at least 48 hours after your photoshoot. We are unable to complete 24 hour requests.)
  • How much are your packages? Do you offer a solo package?
    Yes. We offer a package for couples and solo portraits. Couples package: $399 for a limited time (regularly $499) Solo package: $299 for a limited time (regularly $399) What's included in your package: Dress Rental Ladies Accessories 6 high resolution edited images of your choice (prints can be purchased for an additional cost) Additional images can be purchased for $25 each Makeup and the men's suit are not included in the package.
  • Where are you located? Can I contact you with questions?
    Our studio is located in Southwest Houston near the Galleria. You will receive an email with the the address after booking your portrait session. At this time, we only shoot in our studio, and we do not accept requests to shoot off-site. We appreciate your interest in our services. Here are 3 ways you can get answers to your questions: 1. Please start with searching our FAQ's section for answers to our most commonly asked questions. Most of our clients find the answer they need under our FAQ's. 2. If your question is not addressed under our FAQ's, try reaching us by live chat. 3. Submit a contact us form for us to reach out to you.
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