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Wait! Before You Go...

Order Your Photooshoot Upgrades

Want a birthday cake and balloons for your photoshoot? Need makeup and hair services? Make your flying dress photoshoot even more special by adding on our upgrades. You deserve this elevated experience!

Book your Makeup Services with Us, Receive a FREE Cake & Balloons!

Booking Your

Hair & Makeup Services

in Our Studio


Karon Washington's Headshot

3 Reasons why you should book your makeup & hair services with our studio:

1. Our Master Stylist has over 20 years of makeup artistry and hair experience.

2. Eliminate the worry & hassle of finding a makeup artist you can trust.

3. Services will be performed conveniently in our studio.

In Studio Services: 

  • Makeup - $185

  • Hair - contact Karon for pricing

How to book your appointment with Karon:


1. Text the details below to 832-771-7306:

  • Your First & Last Name

  • "I need Hair/Makeup services."

  • Your Photoshoot Appointment Date & Time

2. Karon will contact you to confirm your makeup appointment time.

3. Your *cake prop & balloons will be ready for you at our studio on the day of your photoshoot. 


*these are rented props and only for use in our studio

Karon's Clients


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